Wellsite Facilities

EPFC has tied in hundreds of wells for dozens of clients in Alberta and BC. We pioneered 100% shop fabrication for piping and structural steel, limiting the field hours and staff exposure to safety risks. Most of our wellsite construction projects do not include any pressure welding on site. To ensure accurate fabrication, we complete wellhead surveys while pinning piles and feed this information seamlessly to the 3D model. This ensures the final tie-in spools and supports are fabricated to fit with a 100% success rate. 

EPFC’s wellsite expertise extends beyond fabrication and construction. Working with our clients, we have been able to standardize their designs into a template. The design template and associated work process allow us to reuse or reproduce deliverables for a new wellsite with minimal engineering effort, effectively changing the well site project to an off-the-shelf product. 

We have experience with a wide variety of wellsites. These include oil and gas wells, sweet and sour production, and those equipped with either wet or dry measurement. We are capable of efficiently executing single well tie-ins along with large multi-well pads.