Engineering, Design & Procurement

EPFC’s full disciplinary team can tackle a variety of engineering projects. However, this team never starts engineering without involvement from our fabrication, construction and commissioning specialists. Additionally, our design processes are completely transparent and open to our clients. We implement constructability, operability and asset life cycle elements at the earliest stage of design to eliminate costly rework often encountered on the back end of many projects. Advances in CAD technology continuously provide EPFC opportunities to streamline traditional engineering processes. Our mode of transmitting design information from engineering to procurement, fabrication, construction and operations significantly reduces effort, saves considerable time and reduces the chance for errors.
EPFC engineering services


EPFC offers a comprehensive suite of engineering, project management and procurement services. Our engineers and design professionals collaborate with client teams to provide fit-for-purpose engineered solutions. We fully support projects from the conceptual engineering stage through the execution stage, including construction and commissioning support.

EPFC has experience executing a wide range of projects, from small, single well tie-ins to oil batteries and large sour gas plants. Our capabilities include incorporating power generation and waste heat recovery into the facilities we design. In addition to greenfield projects, we troubleshoot, debottleneck and execute brownfield projects to optimize or expand existing facilities. We also specialize in working with clients to standardize their well pad designs into EPFC templates. Our template designs and work processes allow us to reuse or reproduce deliverables for a new site with minimal engineering effort, effectively changing the well site project to an off-the-shelf product.

EPFC technology design processes


EPFC leverages software to streamline and automate our design processes. Our use of Smart P&IDs interconnects the P&ID’s, line list and 3D model through the automated flow of data. Fabrication drawings are created directly from the 3D model. This helps reduce engineering costs and improve product quality. Beyond the standard model reviews, we also provide virtual reality (VR) plant tours for our clients to enhance their ability to review our designs and provide valuable feedback. Upon completion of design, the VR model can be used to help train operators before the facility is even constructed.
Lifecycle mindset engineering


Our engineering and design teams include fabrication, construction and commissioning specialists. We consider constructability, operability and asset life cycle at the earliest stages of design. Our project team delivers what is best for the project and the client. This approach improves capital efficiency by optimizing constructability and balancing long-term value with initial costs.
EPFC experience engineering


EPFC has extensive experience executing small projects like designing single well tie-ins up to large projects such as sour gas facilities. Our project history includes both brownfield and greenfield projects. We also specialize in the standardization of well pad designs for our clients. Our standardized design process allows us to quickly produce engineering deliverables with minimal engineering effort.
 Fabrication Ready EPFC


The 3D model drives the flow of data to fabrication. Material take-offs and fabrication drawings are extracted directly from the model. In-house specialty software converts the material take-offs into requisitions, so materials are ordered easily and accurately. All drawings are true fabrication drawings with no need for the fabrication team to develop a subset of drawings, such as spool drawings. This eliminates duplication of effort and reduces the risk of errors when fabricators transfer information. With the 3D model as the source of truth, costly rework due to poor fit-up is eliminated.