With a short walk through one of our fabrication facilities or module assembly yards it’s  easy to see how the skill and pride of our people along with the efficiency of our process, truly sets EPFC apart. We weld 100% of our piping in a controlled environment at the fabrication shop. This methodology improves product quality while reducing field costs and schedule. EPFC self performs all pipe fabrication, structural steel fabrication, module assembly, instrumentation and electrical installation, Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT), sandblasting, and coating. Once fabrication begins, nothing leaves our care, custody and control. This enables us to operate efficiently while delivering a high-quality product.

Pressure welding ABSA certified EPFC


EPFC has one ABSA-certified shops in Alberta located in Grande Prairie. This facility caters to pressure piping and category “H” fittings. At peak capacity, the Grande Prairie facility can process  30,000 weld inches per month. 

Structural fabrication Pouce Coupe EPFC


EPFC maintains CWB-certification for all its structural steel fabrication facilities. There are three facilities, Grande Prairie and Pouce Coupe, British Columbia. Our personnel are experienced in fabricating a wide range of structural steel, from large modules, equipment packages and e-houses, to pipe supports, platforms, stairs and ladders. The combined capacities mean the shops can produce approximately 250,000 kilograms per month of painted steel. 

Blasting EPFC


EPFC uses steel grit instead of silica sand for blasting in our indoor, climate-controlled blast facility. Steel grit blasting provides a higher quality finish for coating applications and the media is recycled for reuse. This makes the operation less expensive and more environmentally friendly. By eliminating the airborne silica particles common with sand blasting, we have also made the operation safer for our employees. 

Pneumatic coating machines EPFC


EPFC employs experienced coating teams that have been operating our facilities for nearly 15 years. Pneumatic coating machines are used to ensure a consistent, high quality product and reduced production times. Quality control is a critical component to the execution of the coating work. We produce detailed inspection test plans, surface preparation reports and coating inspection reports. Before shipping, we package the products appropriately to ensure they arrive on site undamaged and ready for service. 

Module Assembly Grande Prairie EPFC


EPFC has multiple full-service assembly yards within and adjacent to our fabrication facilities with easy access to the high load corridor. These yards have dedicated piling in place to accommodate standard module dimensions as well as self-loading trailers. Multiple modules can be assembled at one time, as we have adequate space to safely accommodate various trades working in parallel.