Why Design Build

Many owner organizations have little room for error in their capital programs when it comes to safety, quality, cost and schedule. Getting their programs to be predictable and reliable has always been a challenge. In response to this challenge, EPFC Corp has developed a fully integrated “Design Build” service model for our clients. The concept is simple. Our engineering, fabrication and construction divisions work in unison, collaborating from conceptual engineering through to final commissioning. With this model, we offer our clients a turnkey, lump sum proposal at the end of FEED. This approach has a unique combination of benefits that traditional models are unable to provide. Some key benefits are outlined below:
Accountability EPFC Corp engineering


Managing multiple service providers (i.e. engineering contractors, vendors, fabricators, construction contractors, etc.) with differing objectives is highly burdensome. Additionally, traditional execution models experience multiple issues related to communication challenges between the service providers. EPFC has been operating as an integrated service provider for years and has virtually eliminated these issues. This provides our clients a single interface to manage and affords the ability to dramatically reduce their administrative burden.
Shorter timelines EPFC


Getting facilities to production as quickly as possible is a key objective for clients who use our Design Build model. EPFC can streamline engineering, procurement, and fabrication processes to significantly compress the overall project schedule. This translates into earlier production and cashflow generation for our clients.
Greater cost certainty fabrication and construction EPFC


Our fabrication, construction and commissioning experts work with our engineers and designers at the onset of engineering to assure our products can be fabricated and constructed with the highest degree of efficiency. We take every opportunity to modularize our designs to reduce field construction hours. This reduces overall uncertainty and increases predictability on cost and schedule.
Less rework engineering contractor EPFC


Traditional engineering contractors do not follow their designs through fabrication, construction and commissioning and often miss constructability and operability issues. Unfortunately, these issues don’t get caught until the products are in the field and the owner bears the burden to correct. EPFC’s Design Build model eliminates these issues for our clients by integrating our fabrication and construction experts upfront. Being accountable for the entire project lifecycle also provides opportunities to implement improvements from previous projects. With every project we deliver, our products continuously improve.